Elevating Workplace Wellness: The Importance of Supporting Employee Mental and Physical Health

Happy employees

As today’s fast-paced business world becomes ever more competitive, organisations must recognise the significance of supporting their employees’ mental and physical health. Since 2019 there has been a steady increase in economic inactivity in the UK – the number of working age adults not available to work due to long-term sickness – with The Resolution […]

International Women’s Day – not just a day in your diary!

International Womens Day

International Women’s Day, on 8th of March every year, is a day dedicated to celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women right across the globe. It remains an important day as gender equality and equity is still out of reach for so many women.  In the corporate world, this is typically a […]

Careers in tech – from the obvious to the obscure

Network Engineer

In an uncertain employment world, there is one certainty, careers in tech are booming.  But you don’t have to be a tech wizard to carve out a fulfilling career.  There are hundreds of different roles spanning from the obvious to the more obscure. Whether you’re interested in diving into technical roles like Helpcentre Analyst, Network […]

How to make a brilliant first impression

Job Interview

Job seeking is more challenging with an ever changing job market full of potential candidates who are both active and passive in their job hunts. When you embark on the hunt for a new job, it’s increasingly important to stand out from the crowd and be different. Just like the world of dating, making the […]

New year, new job – top tips on how to prepare for your job hunt

New year, new career

As another year comes to an end, a new year brings fresh beginnings and resolutions. It should come as no surprise, therefore, that we also see a surge of job seekers flooding the market, making the competition fierce. So, if your resolution is to find that dream role, then consider these six steps that will […]

Top tips on preparing for a job interview

Young woman working office.

You have done the hard work – applying for a job and getting an interview but how do you put yourself in the best position to land the role. Preparation is key.  First impressions count, so making a positive impression is obviously going to increase your chances of success. Here are some top tips to […]

Top tips for success when applying for your first job

How do you stand out from the crowd when applying for your first job? As an HR professional that is the number one question that I am asked when meeting students looking for that first break into the world of work. It can be a daunting task and you often only have one chance to […]

Top tips on how to get the most benefit from a break from work

Airplane mode

Even workaholics need to take a break from work. It’s not just a ‘nice to do’ but switching off from work is essential for your well-being. But how do you disconnect from work and resist the urge to check your work emails when smartphones and tablets make us so easily connected? Here we offer some […]

Considering a new career? Top tips on how to transfer your skills


Are you stuck in a rut, or in a career that doesn’t really interest you? Wish you could try something new but don’t think you have the right skills? Think again. Transferring your skills into a new career, such as the growing and fast-paced tech space, can be an exciting process.  Here are some top […]

Top tips on how to have a difficult conversation at work

There are always going to be those times in our working life when we need to have that difficult conversation.  They’re often awkward, perhaps even unpleasant, but unfortunately inevitable.  Whether it’s the perpetual poor time keeper, the underperformer or the ‘drainer’ who generates a negative vibe, we’ve all been there. And burying your head in […]