Growing Your Own

Thank goodness for Bake Off!  There’s nothing like a soggy bottom or soft round baps to lift the spirits and help us forget the challenges of the past 21 months, as well as bring us back to a sense of joyful normality.  Part of this normality is also the return to a more normal office […]

Why Zonal is embracing flexible working

One of the positive outcomes of the past two ‘pandemic’ years is the fresh approach to the world of work and now, more than ever, flexible working is key. At Zonal we have always been open to new ways of thinking – after all innovation is in our DNA.  But I have to admit that […]

Why big isn’t always best when it comes to work

We’re all familiar with the saying ‘size doesn’t matter’ and when it comes to choosing where to work, there’s never a truer adage. For some, the dream of working within a blue-chip, corporate is what makes them tick.  But it’s ok if that world isn’t for you.  I have experience of both, and each has […]

Hybrid is the name of the ‘working’ game

The past 18 months have been something of a roller coaster – never in my wildest ‘working’ dreams did I imagine that as head of HR for Zonal, I would be handling the fall out of a global pandemic.  I realise I’m not alone and that each and every one of us has had our […]