Onboarding & Technical Support

Job Title Onboarding & Technical Support

High Level Software is a cloud-based PMS and hotel software business. We are the hotel division of Zonal Data Retail Systems, the largest hospitality technology company in the UK.

We are a fast-growing SaaS business with both independent and national chain sales channels. HLS integrates with the Zonal product suite, allowing us to offer a ‘one-stop-shop’ service to our customers.

Significant investment in our solution is opening new opportunities for exponential growth.

It’s an exciting time to be joining HLS as we integrate further with our colleagues in Zonal, to deliver the best possible solutions and service – and pursue new opportunities both in the UK and internationally.

What You’ll Do

  • Work as part of the support and on-boarding team to schedule and execute the on-boarding process for hotels migrating to the HLS cloud-based property management system.
  • Liaise with internal departments to co-ordinate each step of the ‘go-live’ process.
  • Communicate with the client to gather and agree requirements and keep them up to date and engaged in the process.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Preparing ‘go-live’ plan based on each hotel’s bespoke set up
  • Communicate timelines and responsibilities to hotel and stake-holders
  • Communicate timelines and responsibilities to all relevant internal departments
  • Ensure ‘go-live’ plan and all set project work is on schedule and manage the agenda to keep to deadlines
  • Keeping all associated plans and ‘paperwork’ updated
  • Attending daily stand-ups to communicate progress to the wider team
  • Working with partners and 3rd party software to plan integrations where necessary
  • Being available on ‘go-live’ day to walk the customer through the day and make all necessary system checks

Who you are

  • Interested in software and technology
  • Interested / experienced in project management
  • Attention to detail and ability to update and maintain spreadsheets
  • Diary management skills; coordinating training sessions etc based on various teams’ availability
  • Experience with dealing with third parties and confidence getting planned integration work organised
  • Task orientated – meet and enforce project deadlines
  • Able and willing to understand and improve processes
  • Great communicator, with ability to present status updates confidently to the team
  • Willing to effectively prioritise and assign tasks to other team members

What we value

Passion, Teamwork, Innovation, Professionalism, Accountability and Customer Obsessed are the values we believe make us the company we are. We’re looking for someone who understands great culture and will help us shape it as it evolves.