Hardware Product Owner

The Zonal group are one of the UK’s largest technology providers to the hospitality industry.

Our products are used by over 16,000 pubs, restaurants and hotels. Customers include national brands like Pizza Express, JD Wetherspoons and All Bar One.

We provide our customers with the solutions they need to make their business a success.

These solutions include mobile apps for ordering and web apps for engaging with consumers either through loyalty or reservations. By linking these solutions to Zonal’s EPoS (till) system, we help hospitality brands to understand their customers’ behaviour and preferences, enabling them to excel in an increasingly competitive market.

If you have booked a table or hotel room, ordered, and paid for food and drinks, received loyalty offers, or downloaded your favourite hang out’s app, you will likely have used a Zonal product.

We are a family business with Scottish roots. We operate from our modern head office in Edinburgh to our Midlands office in Stafford, or our Innovation Centre in Abingdon and hotel management solutions base in Cardiff.

Job Purpose

The role of Hardware Product Owner has four broad areas of responsibility

  • Parts. The management of the product lifecycle of hardware parts from new product introduction process; ensuring its compatibility with products; through its lifecycle and including the management of end of life.
  • New Product Development. The management of the process to accept a new hardware product into the Zonal product suite. This might be in support of a new customer, requesting to use their own hardware or the introduction of new hardware for a Zonal Product or to provide a lower cost product to drive additional sales.
  • Approvals. To manage the process of receiving approvals for the use of hardware products, ensuring CE mark awards for all hardware sold.
  • Hardware support. To provide expertise guidance and support to the Product teams, Help Centre and Engineering teams on all questions relating to hardware support and software compatibility.

These are covered in more detail below.

Main Areas of Responsibility


  1. To lead the lifecycle process for parts; ensuring that new product introduction processes are followed; that specifications for parts and hardware is documented and end of life processes are followed.
  2. To ensure supply routes for hardware are researched and secured (alternative equivalent parts and/or second supply routes to provide continuation of supply)
  3. To ensure that the correct level of testing of new parts is completed. Depending on the part, various other teams could help with the part validation/testing/sign off (this could be Aztec R&D, Repairs, Engineering, Manufacturing, Implementation Managers)

New Product Development

  1. To lead the new product development process for new hardware, including gathering requirements to create a specification and design work and prototyping, resulting in design and manufacture of hardware that meets specification, at an acceptable cost.
  2. Provide the relevant processes, procedures, work instructions and checklist to ensure product can be built and supported in the Zonal estate, including training on these processes as required.


To ensure that all hardware procured and resold to customers meets required approvals for safety, EMC and environmental. This includes the management of the process to get CE Mark (UK) and UL or CSA (USA)

Approvals covers safety, EMC and environmental.

Hardware Support

To work through hardware problems they might be having, and also to diagnose failures. These could be in hardware or software (Zonal or third party). Tasks include:

  • Carrying out tests
  • Working with Repair Centre, Engineers, Manufacturing/Production, DevOps, Aztec R&D to identify issues and causes
  • Requesting software changes from Product
  • Co-ordinating the investigations between teams/departments and applying problem solving skills
  • Supporting sales and project team by advising them on designs and issues being experienced on both Zonal sourced hardware and customer’s own (e.g. making cables to get things working on alien tills)
  • Guiding Repairs/Engineers on what they might need to do

Skills and Experience

  • Hardware design and engineering experience, relating to restaurant hardware (EPOS, Payment, Screens etc)
  • Electronic Engineering qualification and experience required
  • Experience in gathering requirements and drafting specification documentation
  • Written communication and authoring skills
  • Proven experience of managing product lifecycles
  • Understanding of regulatory processes, hardware licences and compatibility
  • Working understanding of hardware security requirements
  • Negotiation and cost modelling expertise.
  • Manufacturing understanding
  • Personable
  • Making the complex simple
  • Managing complex relationships both internal and external to company

What we value

Passion, Teamwork, Innovation, Professionalism, Accountability and Customer Obsessed are the values we believe make us the company we are. We’re looking for someone who understands great culture and will help us shape it as it evolves.

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