Product Engineer in DevOps

Core Responsibilities

– Maintain and administer various software development and
deployment tools, servers and build machines (TFS, Octopus, SVN, Bugzilla,

– Write scripts to automate software build, test and deployment
tasks, using a variety of technologies across multiple projects.

– Write and maintain installers for client software

– Write tools, and installer support utilities, using C#.

– Liaise with developers and testers to support build and
deployment activities, and investigate issues.

Technology &
Tools (Some experience in most areas is desirable)

– O/S: Primarily Windows-based, some Mac builds for iOS apps

– Development management: TFS, Bugzilla

– Source control: git, SVN

– Build: TFS Build, MSBuild, Powershell, Ant, npm, NuGet,
Xamarin, dotnet

– Deployment: TFS Release, Octopus, IIS, node, SQL, Service

– Installers: Installshield, MSI, C#

Level – 2+ years

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